martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

[GEEU]Granado Espada Europe Update

GEEU updated their server to v.20.67.61

This includes Bahamar episode 2 scenario.

New characters:

Recruitable : Sierra, Nena

Rare/Lyndon box : Battlefield Claude, Rachel Sheffield, Selane, Illusion

-Patch Notes

To celebrate this big update, GEEU prepared some Events:

-Get Beautiful Dragonics from missions!
-March Update Boosting Event!
-Do Free Roulette and Get better Gears!

-Lyndon Box (Battlefield Claude, Rose Spirit, Innocentio Stance Book, etc)

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

[JGE]Imperial Wheel update, Nena's costume set & Taurus pet

These items will be added today to the current list of Imperial Wheel

Guardian of the Altar costume + Refinement Hair


martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

[GEEU]How to Upload a family profile picture?

This feature is working on this server! :)

So how to upload your profile picture?

-You need a jpg image of 64x64 pixels.

Free expert stance books and temporary 33 AR weapons quests

These quests were added in v.20.77.26 & v.20.81.80 respectively.
Check Starstorm's blog for more patchs info.

Emilia's free expert stance book quest

-Talk to Emilia with an expert or above character as leader

domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

[JGE]The Punisher

Got Punisher stance book for 30m, now leveling Lio :).

In JGE Mark buff gives +30% Monster Damage...

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

[JGE]Levin, WxPvP, etc...

JGE added Levin to Imperial Wheel this week.

I've been playing there, today tried killed by Illusion, she's a bitch ♥...
You need family lvl 30+ to join Team WxPvP.
The WxPvP shop it's, as expected, awesome, offers artifacts, special neckacles, ET ring (200 points only!), etc.

Updated JGE se.ipf (voices)

martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

GE Europe

I've been playing Granado Espada Europe, it's a small community, the server needs more advertisement, but has a nice management that pays attention to players opinion.

The server will be updated to Bahamar Episode 2 on March 25th, meanwhile let's check the prices and cash/feso shop items.


Now let's see what the cash shop has to offer:

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Japanese voices

Here's the updated se.ipf, includes Montoro, Roth, Snowflake Cherlyn, etc.

Remember to back up the original se.ipf from your client.


[Recruitment]Lionel, Ludin & Beatrice bypass quests

Patch 20.10.24 added these bypass quests to avoid Clock Tower and Time Paradox missions.

[Take note that you also can avoid the Clock Tower 4th floor part in "Knock on the gate of hell" quest paying 2 Elemetal Jewels or 2 Growth Stones]


-Talk to Clock Tower Investigation Soldier and give him Growth Stone x 1

Go to barracks and talk to the soldier again to get Steamer & Candler quests done.


-Move to Clock Tower entrance arrow with MCC3 team having 5 Moonstones & 1 Spell Key in your inventory.

-You will be moved to a quest version of Clock Tower 9th floor, kill the mobs and click the device in bottom room, move to the top room and kill the boss.


-Move to the top of the floor and click the red gate leading to 10th floor, don't worry about the "Mission Failed" notice, you will get the quest done upon entering to the quest version of 10f


-Talk to the Time Paradox Investigation Soldier and give him Growth Stone x 1, he will ask you to hunt in Byron forests, the quests item are 100% drop from Reaper Garas and Fordois.

-Talk to the Soldier after completing the hunts, you will get the option to fight quest versions of Nephthys and Stone Cortes.

(Credits to Aishi from T3Fun forum for Beatrice's quest screenshot.)

sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

Granado Espada Europe is updating to Bahamar Episode 2From GEEU forum

"Dear Fans,
This month, we are preparing big update with many changes, it's Bahamar 2nd Update.

Update will be last week of March and we are deeply testing and checking now.

Please stay tune on forum and website and give us your valuable feedbacks!!!"

Check the site with the details about this update.

Back to Granado Espada!

I'm back!

After a long hiatus (supossed to be be quitting :P)...playing again my favorite mmorpg.

Will start to post guides and information about GE again, so see you all! :D.